Mark Meurer - Founder & CTO

He has a jack of all trades technical portfolio including the fields of AI, game development, big data processing, web dev, backend dev, network security, server administration, image processing, embedded systems and more. Among other things, he’s been an engineer at Spotify and has a successful software consultancy company in Sweden. He has participated in several game jams, was ranked diamond in league of legends, and has gamed several thousands hours!

Travis Wentworth - CEO

Dr. Travis Wentworth is an entrepreneur and technologist Currently living in Kansas City, Missouri where he owns a cybersecurity training company and contributes heavily to the local cybersecurity community. He has been involved in the blockchain space since 2017 and is an expert in computer modeling and cybersecurity. Travis received his PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kansas in 2015 and completed a Postdoctoral Research fellowship at the University of Chalmers in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017. As a researcher, instructor, and consultant, he has presented his technical content all over the world including China, Germany, Sweden and the U.S. to name a few.

Mike Daskalov - CCO

Mike has had a burning passion for art and games since 8 years old. At the age of 22 He started modelling, sculpting and doing GUI for a diverse range of mobile games, working on projects like Gumball Racing, Arktika 1 for Samsung VR and Treasure hunt GO. Mike is passionate about building a vibrant and immersive world with the team, making sure that the vision harmonizes from concept to 3D assets to the UI of the game.

Daniel Laine - COO

Full stack developer with a diverse set of skills. The last couple of years Daniel has been working as a consultant building AWS powered event driven serverless web apps. As a hobby Daniel has been researching and developing crypto trading bots utilizing AI, as well as developing and learning about game development and blockchain technology. Daniel's passion lies with game development and we're so excited and lucky he decided to pursue it with us!

Beate - Screen Writer

Beate is an Austrian writer working in film & gaming. She focusses on stories from a female perspective and bilingual, European stories; in a broad spectrum of genres but with a special interest in comedies and thrillers. She is a graduate from Falmouth University's MA Writing for Script and Screen, and BSc Media Technology at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. With a special place for games in her heart, creating this world is a real passion project.

Jenni - Community Manager

Jenni has been playing games since she was very little being influenced by her father's interest in gaming. Nowadays, her interest lays in the impact and influence of media and social networks on society. She has turned her theoretical knowledge and passion into practice and has been working with different organizations on their social media management and content creation. She is currently finishing her MSc in Media and Communication and will be in charge of the community management and marketing of TWoM.

Trenton - Composer

Trenton has had an affinity for music since his grandfather teaching him how to play his first guitar chords as a child. Video game music has been a fascination of his, dating back to his first experience playing a Final Fantasy title on the PlayStation console. Trenton is a self-taught music producer that has amassed in total nearly 100k streams across all music platforms on his credited work. He blends orchestral and video game music techniques into the records he produces, and is excited to show off the full range of his talent & creativity for his first game score project working on TWoM.

Veronika - 3D Artist

Veronika has her bachelors in media technology and joined This World of Mine part time as a 3d modeler and animator. With her background in video production and editing, she is excited to also dive into our community content and in game cinematography.

Martin - 3D Artist

Martin has had a big passion for games ever since he got a NES for Christmas as a kid. Going into game development however always felt like an unachievable dream and instead he chose a different path and graduated university as a mechanical engineer. After working many years in that field however the pull towards game development and especially 3D modeling grew stronger again. So now he aims to grow this reclaimed interest and take it to new heights with TWoM!

Jake - Composer

Jake Foster is a UK based composer and performer with a Bachelors degree in popular music. Self taught on piano and bass guitar, Jake has a passionate love of music and a deep curiosity to understand and explore our relationship to it as humans, the how and why one chord can bring a smile to someone’s face, yet tears to another. Primarily based in electronic beeps and boops, Jake also utilizes Jazz and orchestral elements into his compositions to produce unique soundscapes and environments which aims to harmonize visual and audio into one see less experience. Despite spending more than half his life behind keyboards, Jake still has yet to master the QWERTY keyboard and types like a technophobic OAP.