Roadmap update

We have been working closely with our community and advisors in order to shape our roadmap to best fit our and your needs. Because of this, we have added a lot of short term utility pre-alpha release to benefit our Gen0 holders. This includes staking for TEG immediately after mint and much more.

Q3 2021

Team assembly
Game design and concept
Storyline development and world building
Kick off game development
Solana tech demo & proof of concept

Q4 2021

Develop secure and transparent minting solution (scrapped due to CMv2)
Lore development
Game development
Socials and web development
Early marketing

Q1 2022

Partnerships & collabs
Kickoff 3d art development
Gen0 NFT Mint
Staking for TEG
Marketplace integration
Holder only Discord

Q2 2022

TEG generating mini-game
Team expansion
Game development
Pet NFT airdrop
Gen1 NFT mint
Gen1 Character creation

Q3 2022

Alpha game release to holders
Team expansion
Game development

Q4 2022

Game development (community game-play)
Community NFT mint

Q1 2023

Beta game release (ventures + communities)
Continue development

... Q4 2023

Full game release (ventures, communities, story mode)