Desert Concept Image


Beware to enter our world of uncertainty at your own risk! (Really, deep mines and harsh biomes are not built for all circuits!)

Whether you love dark tunnel shafts full of the new metal Tegmentium (TEG), hot sandy deserts, everlasting great valleys or a freezing plain tundra: planet Earth in the year 3200 has it all. Thanks to drastic climate change spanning over the last centuries, Earth is not the place you've known in the past. Continents have drowned by rising sea levels; heavy earthquakes erupted on Earth's surface creating new land. And in the midst of all this, the secret ingredient for a new society was found: Tegmentium!

This changed the course of history as you know it. It was time for a new, better, developed life form. The sentient androids, powered by the multipurpose metal that helped to improve both algorithms and energy resource control. What a miracle! Let's all cheer together for this wonder of the new world!

Now you might marvel at your blue circuit-brain over what to do here. Obviously you want to look for more Tegmentium, like everyone else! And why wouldn't you, it is the most profitable income in modern day society. Give it up for TEG, because now everybody can mine! Yes, even you!

And don't dread a possible system-failure too much. Be it wacky creatures or unfriendly foes lurking in the shadows of great cliffs in the valley: whatever kills you makes a next generation stronger. A death for an android is really not more than a rough day. Algorithms will update and another generation in a different form lives to see the mining dream come true. We love bots of all shapes and sizes! And you know how the ancient old saying goes: High risk, high reward…

If you ever feel lost, get your friends and join a community, approved by the most beautiful capital of the world: Capital Veins! The only city that survived the long fight of nature VS nurture is the birthplace to Tegmentium and its origins are visible anywhere: from the housing-systems coloured in gleeful healthy-blue to the adaptable mining bots that are all over the streets. But one city all over Earth surely isn't enough, it's too crowded to visit already. The world calls for you to take back the planet and settle down with others. Enter an official protected community approved by Capital Veins and built up a secure haven to enjoy the lovely chaotic world with a (safe) view. See you there and keep on digging!