Great! Welcome to Capital Veins, the only remaining protected city on planet Earth. It’s the year 3200, you were created and powered using the precious metal Tegmentium (TEG). It was discovered right here, beneath your feet, in 2132. You are an Elite Mining Unit (EMU) created to join Capital Vein's legion of miners! As an EMU, you have the glorious task of exploring the world and mining TEG to maintain and advance our beautiful civilization! My name is M.I.C.H.A. and I will be here to help you on your journey!


This world of mine (TWoM) is a PvE 1-4 person Co-op game, utilizing a dungeon crawling mechanic and played as a 3rd person shooter. TWoM utilizes the Solana blockchain for NFT characters and components as well as community and in game currency integration.